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Your article is proofread in a careful way by a professional native English language editor specialized in scientific article writing and correction.

With 15 years' experience of journal editing and successful scientific publishing, we know how to tailor your article according to the requirements of highest-quality journal publication. We have made numerous articles publication-ready for high-ranked journals. It is our aim to make your scientific article qualified for publication in high-ranked journals and your submission successful.

Our philosophy is to work intensively with your article and research to optimize readability. We, of course, correct grammar, orthography, and syntax, which is the basic element of our work. We may even limit our correction to that extent if you wish, but we intend to understand your research and the meaning of the text which is necessary for improvement of readability and optimizing success of your article.

Your article is typically proofread by a linguistic expert and a scientific editor/reviewer. So, you receive a scientific pre-review through our service, which is extremely valuable, as there are avoidable flaws in many scientific papers before journal submision that will be revealed and cleared (also with your input if needed).

Our service includes:

  • Language correction, including proofreading, and copy editing, i.e. correction of grammar, orthography, and syntax
  • Improving wording
  • Improving readability
  • Improving paper organization and structure
  • Re-writing of passages or chapters (if preferred)

We also help you preparing your paper scientifically and linguistically, including:

  • Verification of your study, including appropriateness of methods, conduct, and conclusions
  • Writing of your scientific paper according to your data, study methods, and conclusions