Pricing schedule

The pricing schedule for proofreading of your article and optimization of readability is

3 to 4 ct (Eurocent) per word.

Depending on the intensity we need to work on your article. 3 ct is charged for a normal proofreading of a complete article, including check and correction of grammer, orthography, punctuation, and syntax. You may select the service you prefer. When you send your manuscript to us, we will provide you with a swift review of your text and an estimate of the work needed for an optimal result.

Tables and references are not counted. The mere text only is taken into account, unless you wish us to check the tables and references as well. We will then correct the English langauge in tables (not in references, of course) and check whether tables are optimally organized for the data to present. We charge 5 ct if the article will be pre-reviewed by another scientific editor.

Prices for rewriting or writing of your article depend on the amount of time spent on your article; these prices are provided on request and after inspection of your material (at least you should provide a rough body text).

When you send us your article, you will receive a price for proofreading and optimization of your article according to our schedule above before proofreading.

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